Studio & OnSite

Studio facilities
Based in Malton North Yorkshire, a fully equipped studio is available, camera formats include Sinar 5" x 4", Medium format Hassleblad, 35mm film and digital, together with digital video. Work undertaken ranges from simple pack shots to elaborate designer shots

Photographic Copy Work
Either in studio or on location. A specialist service, usually on 5" x 4" camera for the reproduction on either negative or colour transparency. Suitable for the reproduction of oil or water colour paintings, perfectly lit for true colour reproduction. Large original oil paintings to 12 ft have been copied successfully. If the final usage does not require large format, either medium format, or digital equipment can be used and the image supplied digitally if required.

Photographic printing
From negatives, transparency and digital origination. Prints ranging from 5" to 5ft are possible, mounting and laminating are part of the service. From digital or negative origination prints can be made up to A4 within one hour (subject to conditions).

Photographic display size printing
Laminating and framing. Up to 5ft square prints in one piece, from film, transparency and digital originals. Mounting onto most substrates and a variety of laminates to suit.
A large range of wood or metal frames are either in stock or quickly obtainable. A full picture framing service is available in house.

Most commercial jobs can be undertaken on either still camera or digital video with full editing facilities available if required. Either traditional film or digital cameras are employed to suit the purpose.

Most commercial jobs can be undertaken on either still camera or digital video with full editing facilities available if required. Either traditional film or digital cameras are employed to suit the purpose. Sets can be built if required.

A range of legal photographic requirements can be accommodated for. Mainly on still film camera for authenticity. Services include injury and accident photography, usually for use in court at some time in the future when the injuries may have healed and are no longer visible.

Corporate and company portraits are taken either in studio, or on location if required. A full range of mounting and picture framing services is available on site to compliment this service.

Peter Smith Photography are engaged by Multinational Companies, Corporate Organizations, Local Authorities, Government Agencies, TV Companies, Highways Agencies, Construction Companies, The Environment Agency, Port and Coastal Authorities, Water Authorities, Local Police Forces as well as a number of Petrochemical Installations and Private Companies. Daily work is mainly made up of location and studio photography as well as video, both from the ground and in the air, in addition to pipeline and power line photography and surveillance.

In addition to aerial photography a specialist ground photographic service to the Construction Industry is available. With over 20 years experience in this field Peter Smith has assembled an enviable client list. His work encompasses progress photography through to glossy brochure work of completed sites and projects, and these range from giant crane lifts to night time motorway construction shoots. A recent major project, lasting almost 4 years, has been for Yorkshire Water during their construction of a large tunnel underneath Kingston-upon-Hull. Work undertaken on this scheme included recording almost every major step from the original route-planning aerial video, through to underground photography and video of the work in progress. To achieve this safely Peter underwent confined spaces training, essential for working underground and in hazardous environments. Naturally all safety clothing is carried to enable a full range of work to be undertaken in a variety of industries, which include gas and oil exploration
as well as pipeline construction.


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