Located in North Yorkshire but operating nationwide throughout the UK, Peter Smith Aerial Photography are now able to offer the ultimate in aerial video. A brand new, latest spec UltraMedia II, 5 axis gyro stabilized, aerial video camera, recording onto a Sony DVW250P Digi-Beta recorder for optimum full broadcast quality, is now available. A Fuji 36:1 lens with 2 times extender gives 72X magnification, producing vibration free results even at great magnification. The camera is nose mounted for maximum versatility, to either a Bell 206 Jet Ranger helicopter for single engine operation, or an AS355 Twin engine Squirrel helicopter for operation over water, cities, low level or hazardous locations requiring a greater safety margin. All our personnel are trained and the helicopters operate under CAA regulations and have AOC approval. Full insurance and public liability cover is in place.

The helicopters are fully equipped with 9” Sony monitors for camera operator, director and pilot. The camera will record in either 16:9 or 4:3 formats as required. A laptop keyboard is used by the camera operator to control all camera functions, including 360 degree azimuth (continuous), +20 to-110 degrees elevation, and + or – 23 degrees of roll, to give perfect results. Gis input is available to log the footage in time and space using Gps receivers, that can then be post processed and integrated with a digital mapping package. Our latest addition allows the picture to be integrated with data from aerial topographical surveys. Latitude and longitude can be overlaid onto the tape for picture identification afterwards. As well as Digi-Beta we can record onto Sony Beta SP, DV Cam or Mini DV if required, full video editing facilities and staff are available.

Peter Smith Photography have been associated with aerial filming and aerial stills photography for some 20 years, Peter Smith is recognized throughout the industry as being a reliable, experienced and accredited camera operator with a wide range of camera skills. He is associated with aviation companies nationwide allowing access to a variety of helicopters and airplanes, each suited to a particular task. His client list is varied and includes Multinational Companies, Corporate Organizations, Local Authorities, Government Agencies, TV Companies, Highways Agencies, Construction Companies, The Environment Agency, Port and Coastal Authorities, Water Authorities, Local Police Forces as well as a number of Petrochemical Installations and Private Companies.

So if you need high quality fully stabilised aerial video, with Gis option and to broadcast video standards, or whatever standards you require, reliable personnel, including an experienced camera operator and pilot, who are certified and insured, and who can offer nationwide UK coverage, all with the latest equipment - then contact Peter Smith Photography with your requirements and you will receive advice and a quotation without obligation.


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